How to Add Sparkle to an Event

You would have attended numerous events ranging from extremely fun and happening to utterly boring and you would surely have figured how you could have made it more exciting and lively. However, when you are actually assigned the task of planning an event, you may sometimes run out of all ideas and may not be able to remember any of the fascinating ideas you had at those thousands of previous events you have been to.

So, if you are struggling to add life to an event, you came to the right place!

Have a Theme

Yes, it is obvious. If you want to have an organized event you need a theme. This will help you to get the decorations together and create a pleasing atmosphere. Depending on the event, you pick a fun theme such as a particular decade, pirates, glamor, etc.

Pay Attention to Colours and Lighting

Once you have picked a theme you will have a general idea about the colour palette that can be used for the event. Mix and match to add more vibrancy to the atmosphere and you can also use contrasting colours to make the surrounding more exciting.

Choose lighting depending on the theme and the time of the day the event is being held and do not forget to consider the special attributes of the venue that can enhance the lighting effects.

Let the Attendees Make Memories

Of course, you will have a professional photographer to cover the event but these photos will most likely be boring ones where the people are posing formally. So, if you want to add more life to the event, you can contact photo booth hire in Melbourne and get one installed on the premises. These generally come with props and fascinating backdrops so that the attendees can take all sorts of crazy photos of themselves. Anyone who has been to a photo booth would tell you that this is definitely much more fun than having the professional photographer take their pictures and also than taking a selfie.

This will also allow the guests to take home memories from the event in printed form which they can treasure and which will also create a conversation point for people who just cannot think of something to say to build a conversation with someone whom they are not so familiar with.

Live Music and Dance Floor

Having a DJ is a good idea for a party but having a live band perform is even more so if the crowd is not so young anymore or if the gathering loves gossiping and need to hear what the other person is saying. If you can get some celebrities to perform at your event, this will create much more excitement among the guests.  No matter what form of entertainment you choose, make sure the entertainers will be able to interact with the crowd and not just play music.

Make sure you leave room for a dance floor depending on the event as most would enjoy dancing the event away.

Games and Competitions

Organize some simple games and competitions where all can participate and also have some competitions where the competitors should inform the organizers of their participation in the event such as karaoke competitions. A bit of competition is always good for the guests as well as the event.

You would have figured by now that all the above ideas will not be suitable for all events but some of them can be tailor-made to make whatever event you have in mind more exciting.