how to read time

Telling the time: How to teach children to read a clock

Today’s kids are very smart and they are really good at learning new things. In fact, the parents aren’t supposed to make a lot of effort in order to teach new things to their child. But if we talk about reading the time, it’s quite a complicated thing and many parents find it difficult to teach their children about how to read a clock. We have already gone through this phase. And we’ve discussed this situation with some parents to come with the solutions that work best for every child.

So, we’re going to discuss the most useful solutions in this article. Usually, parents use childrens clocks to make things easier for their children. But if you haven’t yet purchased the children’s clock, you may take help from the following tips.


Teach them the counting

how to read time

The most important thing about teaching the time is that your child should be able to count to 60. And also ask them to write the numbers on a piece of paper. If they’ve learned the numbers properly, you can move to the next step.


Practice counting by fives


The next step in this process is to understand the groups of five. You can provide them with a piece of paper and ask them to write the increments of five up to 60. And also ask them to recite the numbers once they’re finished.


Making a clock with your child

how to read time

It’s a great way of teaching the right concept of time telling your child. Just take the paper plate and help your child in creating a clock with the help of an analog clock.


Teach them about hands


It’s time to teach your child about how to read the hours. So, you can separately point to both the hands and tell them about how they work. There is no need to worry about mentioning the hours as they’d get to learn it later.


Teach them about quarters


Now, that they’ve learned the basics, it’s time to teach them about how the quarters are organized in a clock. And then ask them to speak out loudly about how many minutes are passed after a quarter.


Challenge them


Now, you should start challenging them at different times of the day. And obviously, you need to start with simple exercises because this is how they’re going to learn things gradually.